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The Blue Ember microphone makes stunning detail accessible to everyone. Pristine electronics deliver a strong, clean signal with ample headroom. A custom hand-tuned condenser capsule captures maximum detail, while the tight cardioid pickup pattern helps reduce room and background noise. Ember’s compact, side-address design fits anywhere and keeps a low profile on camera. Bring Blue’s legendary studio sound to your creative space.

Behind the Mic

Featuring our custom hand-tuned condenser capsule, Ember captures stunning detail and is ideal for recording music for online distribution through SoundCloud® and capturing professional sound for YouTube® videos. It’s also your secret weapon for broadcasting, podcasting and live-streaming.

Inside the Sound

Ember’s precise cardioid polar pattern and custom-designed phantom power circuitry ensure remarkably consistent frequency response with ultra-low noise for a rich, smooth vocal sound. Clean, high-output gain ensures impressive headroom for up-front instruments and commanding vocals.

Sleek, Low-Profile Design

Ember’s compact, side-address design makes it easy to position in tight spaces—since it picks up sound from the front of the mic instead of the end, you can easily sneak it in anywhere. And Ember’s sleek form factor keeps a low profile on camera, making it ideal for streamers and video creators.

Ideal for podcasters and streamers looking to move on from USB mics.

–PC Mag

the Blue Ember is an excellent value, and a great introduction to the world of XLR mics.

–PC Mag

the Ember has a clarity to it that the others seem to lack without external help


Blue Microphones has a pedigree that it carries into this affordable microphone. Its build quality and audio capture capabilities stay true to the brand while being an incredibly affordable condenser microphone.


the Blue Ember mic’s sound blew me away.


What Blue have delivered here for the $99 price point is hard to beat, and this mic will go a long way for most users, especially those just doing podcasting, VO's and live streams.

–Magnetic Magazine

It can’t be overstated: the Blue Ember sounds phenomenal.

–Sound Guys

If you want a microphone to do one job really really well the vocals on the Ember sound phenomenal.

–Produce Like a Pro.​com

If you're looking to step up from USB and / or dynamic mics and want a good quality XLR output-equipped condenser mic, you should check out the Blue Ember.

–Harmony Central

It will seem Heaven-sent to beginners who need a mic that will highlight their efforts while minimizing the negative effects of the recording space. For this price, you can’t afford not to check it out.

–Recording Magazine

the Blue Ember is an Amazing condenser microphone for those looking to sound more professional without having to spend a lot of money on high-end XLR microphone setup.

–Legit reviews

Again, I wondered, how could this be a $99 mic? I don’t know the answer to that, but wow. When it comes to value, Ember is off the charts.

–Mix Magazine

Many home/project studios are initially limited to a single mic—I can’t imagine anything fitting the bill better than Ember.

–Pro Sound News

Put simply: It sounds great.

–Mix magazine

the Ember is an exceptional microphone

–Pro Sound News

Product Features

  • Hand-tuned condenser capsule delivers open, detailed sound
  • Premium, high-output electronics for maximum clarity and headroom
  • Cardioid polar pattern with excellent off-axis noise rejection
  • Compact side-address design fits anywhere and looks great on camera
  • Works great with home studio audio interfaces

Suggested Applications

  1. Male vocals iconMale Vocals
  2. Female vocals iconFemale Vocals
  3. Acoustic guitar iconAcoustic Guitar
  4. Electric guitar iconElectric Guitar
  5. Strings iconStrings
  6. Piano iconPiano
  7. Drums iconDrums
Video 1


Recording Vocals and Guitar with Blue's Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic
Video 2


XLR Studio Condenser Mic for Recording and Live-streaming

Technical Specifications

  • Transducer Type: Condenser capsule
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 38 Hz-20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 12 mV/PA
  • Output Impedance: 40 ohms
  • Rate Load Impedance: 1k ohm
  • Maximum SPL: 132 dB SPL
  • Power Requirements: +48V DC Phantom Power
  • Weight: 0.38 kg (0.84 lbs.)
  • Dimensions: 219 mm (L), 38.26 mm (W), 31.91 mm (D)